Different Ways To Transport Your Car

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Different Ways To Transport Your Car

Being able to choose your means of travel, such as by passenger train or airplane, can reduce some of the stress associated with travel. There are many reasons you might want to use a vehicle relocation service to move your car to another part of the country, including to avoid having to make the long drive yourself between a summer and winter residence. Depending on the method you choose, your vehicle could even arrive without adding any miles to the odometer. Here are some of the different ways to transport your car so that you can enjoy the trip.

Transport Carrier

A transport carrier is a popular method for moving your vehicle to a different location quickly without having to drive it. There are two types of transport carriers: open-air and enclosed. An open-air transport vehicle is ideal for moving multiple vehicles and is usually less expensive than the other options because your car will share transport with several other vehicles. This is the most common type of carrier moving companies use to move your vehicle.

Another transport carrier option is an enclosed carrier. As the name suggests, an enclosed carrier is one in which the vehicle stays inside the covered bed of a transport semi during the move. This type of transport is perfect for those moving high-end vehicles or ones that are likely to sustain damage from exposure to the elements. An enclosed truck can also prevent damage to your car by shielding it from rocks or other road debris.

Hire a Driver

Another popular method is to hire a driver to move your car for you. A professional driver can show up at your home and drive your vehicle safely to your new home for you so that you can make more comfortable arrangements. This option is fantastic for those who need to move solo or for moving company vehicles quickly and safely. While hiring a professional to do the driving for you typically does come with the assurances of proper insurance coverage, it can also be prohibitively expensive.

That’s why others will hire a friend, family member, or college student to make the drive instead. This method is riskier, so you should make sure that your insurance covers other people driving your car. The biggest benefit of this method is the savings over hiring a professional service. It is best, if you go this route, to check the driver’s license and any references, if possible, to avoid complications down the road.

Cargo Container

The last of the different ways to transport your car is in a cargo container, which can be great if you are moving overseas. Simply load your vehicle into the container alongside the other cars, and then wait for it to arrive in your new homeland. If you do need to use this method, be sure to provide all ownership documentation before departure to avoid any legal entanglements or other issues at the port of entry.