Different Ways To Use Pool Noodles Around The House

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Different Ways To Use Pool Noodles Around The House

Many people only think of pool noodles as simply toys and nothing more. However, the fact of the matter is that these humble polyethylene tubes are extremely useful in multiple situations besides floating. Whether they’re acting as thick covers to protect your luggage rack or as fishing rod organizers, these toys can provide endless benefits with some creativity. To help educate you on making the most of them, here are five different ways to use pool noodles around the house.


Pool noodles can be exceedingly helpful in the realm of padding and lining. If you have ever had a little kid running around the house, you know how dangerous the sharp corners on most cabinets can be. Cutting a pool noodle into fourths provides an excellent surface that you can use as padding on the edges of furniture around the house.


Because of their rigid yet pliable nature, swimming pool noodles can act perfectly as spacers for things like silverware organizer bins, books, or any other empty spaces. Additionally, because of their lightweight feel, you’ll never notice anything in the back of the cabinet or bookcase that’s weighing the overall setup down. Simply put, these are modest, lightweight, and easy to form for your purposes!

Pipe Insulation

Even though these aren’t the most advanced materials for insulating, people often use swimming pool noodles as pipe insulation. Because the polyethylene material is exceptionally heat resistant, most pool noodles have some viability in this context. Another thing to think about is that pool noodles make good cushions for overhead pipes. Many of us have a space in the house where a pipe sticks out from the wall or ceiling. Affixing a bit of pool noodle onto said pipes can go a long way in protecting your head from painful bumps.

Most only think of pool noodles as useless toys when, in fact, this can’t be further from the truth. There are limitless different ways to use pool noodles around the house, and it’s up to you to figure them out. If you need any help thinking of some neat and nifty swimming pool noodle hacks, look online. There are countless ideas and suggestions that people come up with every day that are sure to interest you!