Hidden Warehouse Safety Issues

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Hidden Warehouse Safety Issues

A warehouse is often the main employer of many small towns. Warehouses are a place for steady, solid work, and income. Many people enjoy their warehouse positions but are blissfully unaware of the most common hidden warehouse safety issues. Discover some of the most frequent safety issues in warehouses and learn methods of prevention.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are unsurprisingly the most prevalent warehouse safety issue. Warehouses are usually large, open spaces with tons of heavy machinery and lots of moving parts. This can create gaps in communication and many potential hazards.

To avoid slips, trips, and falls as a warehouse worker, manager, or owner, consider putting up signs when there is a slippery surface to warn passersby. To avoid falls and trips, try placing bright, bold colored tape on uneven surfaces, on stairs that tend to blend into their surroundings, and on areas where there is a sudden drop off. These small changes will make a huge difference in the reduction of worker injuries.

Equipment Failure

Equipment failure is another hidden warehouse safety issue of warehouses. Warehouses often house many pieces of heavy machinery and electrical equipment. When these machines are not properly cared for, they can fail in dangerous ways. This can lead to fires, explosions, workers becoming hit or injured by equipment when it suddenly stops, and more.

To prevent equipment failure, it’s essential that warehouses provide machines with regular and preventative maintenance to keep them healthy and functioning properly. Machines should also be checked for functionality before use each day.

Long-Term Strain Injuries

One of the most well-hidden and rarely noticed hazards preventing warehouse safety is long-term strain injuries. These are injuries that develop over time and can be devastating to workers. Much of the work done in warehouses is physically straining and takes a toll on the body over time.

To prevent long-term strain injuries, try switching to automation wherever possible to cut down on the amount and demand of tough manual labor. Discover the problems with hand wrapping pallets, loading and unloading bulk shipments by hand, and more so you can best prevent injuries in warehouse employees.