How To Improve the Mileage on Your Diesel Truck

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How To Improve the Mileage on Your Diesel Truck

When calculating the price of your diesel fuel, you’re likely to notice it can get pricey pretty easily. If it’s already looking like you’re spending more on fuel than what’s in your budget, it’s likely time to look into some ways to improve your mileage. Some of the ways to do this aren’t as difficult as they may sound. Learn how to improve the mileage on your diesel truck by reading below.

Turn Off Your Engine

Warming up your vehicle, especially when it’s the middle of a cold winter, might seem like a good idea. However, when you excessively run your diesel engine without driving anywhere, the amount of fuel you use will add up. Ceasing this or doing it rarely will help you save on fuel.

Utilize Shore Power

When they’re parked at truck stops, many drivers may want to want to rest with their vehicles running. You might even want to just cool your vehicle. Rather than run the engine, hook up your vehicle to shore power, which allows you to run electricity without wasting your fuel.

Refrain from Revving the Engine

When you’re shifting into another gear, revving your engine might sound appealing. Unfortunately, this can wear down the transmission gears and use up your fuel more quickly. Instead, shift into your next gear slowly.

Find the Peak Torque Zone

When you’re driving, especially on an expressway, get your vehicle operating in the peak torque zone. This is the cruising speed that will give the vehicle not only the best horsepower but also the best fuel mileage possible.

Use Your Air Conditioner Less

It can get very hot in a vehicle during the summer, but you should use your air conditioner as sparingly as possible to keep from using up too much fuel. Opt for keeping your windows down more often, and only run the air when the heat is unbearable or dangerous.

Prepare for Traffic Lights Ahead

No matter how simple this sounds, it’s very helpful if you’re wondering how to improve the mileage on your diesel truck. This is also where it pays to understand the main parts of a diesel engine, including its fuel system. You can reduce your fuel use by slowing down in anticipation of stoplights ahead, which will allow you to avoid sudden stops and thus reduce your fuel consumption.