How You Can Transport a Kayak on a Small Car

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How You Can Transport a Kayak on a Small Car

People don’t always want to rent a car to go camping or spend time in the great outdoors. There might be time or money constraints. If they have a car on the smaller side, they’ll need to get very creative, especially if they plan to partake in some water activities. Read on to see how to transport a kayak on a small car.

Purchase a Kayak Trailer

Hooking it up to the back is sometimes the best option. There are several different types of kayak trailers you can use to strap and lock in the small boat. Before purchasing the trailer, check to see what your car can sustain. There are loading and towing restrictions on all cars.

Look up the statistics for yours and double-check the weight of the kayak and the trailer. You don’t want to damage your car or the kayak. Ask a professional before making any commitments. Look up the road to the river to ensure it’s not too bumpy for your car or trailer.

Get a Roof Rack

A roof rack might be the safest option for your car and kayak. The only downside is most of these racks require crossbars on the car’s roof. Many small cars don’t, which is why they resort to the trailer.

The roof rack makes it easier to travel on less stable roads. They don’t damage the roof of the car. The rack acts as a buffer between the kayak and the vehicle’s exterior. The buffer protects the vehicle’s roof from receiving damage. It also protects the bottom of the kayak. Too much wear and tear makes the kayak dangerous.

Try the Trunk

If your trunk can hold it, consider using it as an option. The trunk option is mainly for small cars that resemble SUVs rather than sedans. Lay the seats down to make more room for the kayak. This is not the most popular option because of the risks that accompany it.

Obviously, the kayak can fall out or weigh too much on the small car. An open trunk is only ideal for warmer temperatures. It won’t do any good to travel with an open trunk in the cold weather. The trunk needs suitable tie-down points to secure the cam straps to hold down the kayak.

Get a Buffer

If you can’t get a kayak rack and don’t want to try the other options, you can strap the kayak to the roof of your car with a buffer. The buffer needs to protect the kayak and the roof of the car. The layer will prevent scratching.

You’ll need to attach the kayak cam strap to the interior handles of the car. Secure those sections before pulling off. There are several techniques when it comes to strapping a kayak to the roof without a rack. Some of these might involve using the front grill of the vehicle.

There are so many options when it comes to transporting a kayak on a small car. Find the best for you and hit the road.