Popular Styles of Flags To Display at Home

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Popular Styles of Flags To Display at Home

There are many ways to turn your house into a home, a place that represents who you are. Displaying flags is one of the best ways to do that. Various flag styles would look good flying in and around your home; you just need to find the flags that match you. Thankfully, you can choose from many popular styles of flags to display at your home. Find some flags that work for you today and create the home of your dreams.

Country Flags

When people think of flags, the first one that likely pops into their brains is the American flag. It has become an icon in the years since the founding fathers wrote the constitution, and that’s not changing any time soon. In addition to an American flag in your home, you can invest in a flag from other countries you may have ties with. Many Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans like to show pride in their home countries, and you can, too, with a flag from your home country!

Flags also come in various shapes and sizes, so you can get the ones you want to fit your space. You can get traditionally sized flags to fly on a flagpole or adorn a wall in your home. Add any of the following to your dwelling:

  • Flags that stick in your yard
  • Flag centerpieces
  • Banner flags
  • Flag garlands
  • Flag rosettes

State Flags

A stage flag is one popular style of flag you can proudly display in and out of your home. State flags don’t have the same prestige as country flags, but their history is undeniable. To properly understand the importance of state flags, you must recognize that they didn’t come from nothing—each has a story to tell. Every state generally has a state seal and some symbolic colors adorning the flag. What’s also great about state flags is you can show your pride for your state; you could also invest in a flag from your home state if you’re not living there.

Miscellaneous Flags

You can fly and display a traditional flag at your home; you can also display other styles in and around your home. People get all sorts of flags meant for celebration, pride, and remembrance. Some common kinds of flags you can display at your home include the following:

  • First-responder flags
  • Juneteenth flags
  • Religious flags
  • Rainbow flags
  • ISO flags

Not everyone needs one of these flags, but you likely want to fly some kind of non-traditional flag at home during some point in the year.

Pick one of these popular styles of flags to display at home, and you’ll never want to go back. These flags are great symbols of pride in your life, and that can be pride of almost any kind. Don’t be afraid to fly your flags high, and never look back at how your home looked before you found your flags.