The Advantages of Dental Implants for Seniors

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The Advantages of Dental Implants for Seniors

No one has to let go of their beautiful smile. There are teeth replacement options that improve appearances. Discover the advantages of dental implants for seniors and consider this permanent solution.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are medical devices that professionals surgically implant into someone’s jaw to act as a replacement for missing teeth. The implants restore a patient’s ability to chew and improve their appearance.

With proper care, seniors can have implants that last the rest of their lives!

If you’re interested in replacement teeth that look natural, implants are the best choice that will allow you to achieve a bright smile in no time.

More Comfortable Than Dentures

Dentures don’t compare to the look and feel of natural teeth. The only thing that comes close is dental implants. These permanent teeth don’t rub against gums, rock out of place, or slip out of mouths. They sit securely in a patient’s mouth 24/7.

Look More Natural Than Dentures

The biggest dilemma with dentures is that they look artificial, especially those made with cheap materials. People prefer natural-looking teeth that replicate their true smiles. Since implants go inside a patient’s jaw, they look similar to real teeth. The implants align with bone structures and facial profiles to appear more natural.

Requires Simple Maintenance

A fantastic advantage of dental implants for seniors is that they require only simple maintenance. Oral hygiene is important, regardless of having implants or dentures.

However, dentures require daily cleaning and soaking. Patients with dental implants can brush their teeth in the same way that people brush natural teeth. Since implants mimic natural teeth, patients can continue to receive professional cleanings that also maintain oral hygiene.

Enhances Nutrition Intake

Forgoing dental treatment has consequences. Seniors with damaged or sensitive teeth often stick to soft foods, which eliminates important nutrients from their bodies. Dental implants offer the durability of natural teeth, letting people enjoy all the food groups!

With this in mind, a big thing to know about dental implants for seniors is that they improve quality of life. Eating the right foods enhances nutrition and boosts health. Whether you prefer steak or crunchy vegetables, you can continue to eat all your favorite meals when you have dental implants.

Boost Confidence

Having a beautiful set of teeth is aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, some seniors have missing or damaged teeth that lower their confidence. Social situations like dining with family, laughing with friends, or taking pictures becomes a less enjoyable experience when you’re not confident in your smile.

People may fear someone will judge their damaged or missing teeth. Fortunately, dental implants boost confidence and restore smiles by giving people new, permanent teeth. Sometimes, the implants even look better than the patient’s original teeth.