The Importance of Soil Testing Before Construction

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The Importance of Soil Testing Before Construction

There are so many factors to consider when you’re constructing a house. With so many details to pay attention to—such as location, size, space, electricity, and plumbing—it’s easy for other elements fall through the cracks. However, all construction companies must conduct a soil test before starting construction on a home. This blog will discuss the importance of soil testing before construction and explain why these assessments are necessary.

What Is Soil Testing?

Soil testing is a foundation test for a new home. Before starting construction, builders should test the ground around the construction site to determine the composition of the soil. For example, if the dirt around the site is loose or malleable, it will most likely not be able to support a building’s foundation on its own. Builders can add extra support with anchoring devices, known as helical piers, to act as the foundational support of the house instead.   

Why Does Soil Testing Matter?

Soil testing is vital to determining whether the soil below a house will support the foundation. If a house is built on a surface that cannot support the foundation and helical pier systems are not in place, the home’s base will most likely crack or crumble entirely over time. Faulty foundations are not only costly to repair but also safety hazards.

Do All Homes Need To Be Soil Tested?

Yes, all homes should be soil tested before construction. In most regions, soil tests are requirements for obtaining building permits. Even if the ground of a construction site doesn’t seem loose or compressive, a soil test is the only way to guarantee it will support the home’s foundation .

Houses built near lakes or water are at an increased risk of soil exposure to moisture and expansion over time. Most lake houses will require additional support to ensure they have strong bases regardless of the changing soil.

Keeping track of all the small details of building a new home can be overwhelming and easy to lose sight of. However, it’s vital that you remember the importance of soil testing before construction. Taking time to conduct this assessment will prevent your home from facing costly repairs and severe safety hazards later.