The Most Common Industry Uses for Welding

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The Most Common Industry Uses for Welding

Everyone has a hobby, but not everyone tries to turn it into a career. There are plenty of welders across the country who like to use their talent solely for DIY projects at home. However, there are quite a few industries that need welders in order to perform some of the most important manufacturing tasks for aircraft, motor vehicles, and more. If you want to take your welding skills from the garage to a professional facility, use this guide to discover the most common industry uses for welding.


The first commercial aircraft came to life with the help of welding and it’s been commonplace to do so ever since. Fusing metal together in a clean, strong way is important for creating and fixing aircraft vehicles like planes and helicopters. The most common welding methods used in the aerospace industry are MIG welding and plasma arc welding, the latter of which has a strong reputation for completing particularly precise welding procedures.


Similarly, motor vehicles require welding during the manufacturing process, as well as any repairs. Since aluminum is a popular material in car manufacturing, MIG welding is the best option for completing welds on the vehicle’s exterior and interior. The reason for this is that MIG welding is usually the best choice for tackling welds involving thin metals. Although MIG welding is a popular choice, the automotive industry also takes advantage of plasma arc welding, laser welding, and TIG welding to complete certain tasks.


The construction industry frequently uses welding when it comes to constructing buildings and bridges, as well as certain components for homes, apartments, and other structures. This is because steel is one of the primary metals used for construction jobs, which methods like MIG welding are great at working with. This will allow you to put together the basic structure of buildings and make repairs to any steel beams and other parts that need fixing. Flux-cored welding and plasma arc welding are also common methods used in construction sites.

As you can see, the most common industry uses for welding have varying requirements when it comes to the specific welding techniques being put into practice. Even though MIG welding can be used for many different industries, consider learning more about the different types of welding and expanding your hands-on skills to give yourself a wider range of job opportunities. The more welding methods you know, the more industries you’ll be able to work within.