The Numerous Benefits of Logging

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The Numerous Benefits of Logging

Logging is the process by which trees are cut, skidded, and loaded onto trucks. While new loggers and those outside the industry might think the process is harmful to our environment and ecosystem, the opposite is true. Logging – if performed correctly – can actually benefit the planet. If you’re new to logging and have concerns, make sure your company uses the right equipment, and continue to read this article to give yourself some peace of mind. If you’re simply an interested party, the information below can help you see the forest for the trees.

Increases Forest or Woodland Safety

The logging process allows for old, weak, and dead trees to be eliminated from the wooded areas. When these trees are not properly taken care of, factors such as wind and rain can cause them to fall. There is no telling where the tree is going to fall—it could fall into a road, a driveway, on a house; truthfully, the possibilities of harm done are endless when you leave the matter up to the weather.

Improves Overall Health

One doesn’t often think about the health of the wooded area and trees in general. When logging is performed, fungi and bacteria, which can be harmful and dangerous, are removed from the area along with the dead and diseased trees. In addition, if not the whole tree, then just branches that are causing overcrowding are removed. The tree can then have proper air circulation and sunlight exposure. If these conditions are not available, the tree will not grow properly or could be unhealthy. Logging ensures that this occurs for trees and that they could stay healthy and full of the proper nutrients.

Decreases Risk of Forest Fires

Logging greatly reduces the risk of a forest fire starting by a natural cause. This is because logging greatly decreases the ability of the fire to spread rapidly throughout the wooded area. So, ultimately, logging not only saves the lives of trees and plants, but also the lives of the animals and other living things that could be in jeopardy in a forest fire. How could this not be one of the numerous benefits of logging?

The points covered above are three of the numerous benefits of logging. After reading these points, you can see how important and helpful this process is. Keep in mind this process makes our lives as humans easier as well—and who doesn’t love that?