Trends in the Metal Fabrication Industry

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Trends in the Metal Fabrication Industry

The metal fabrication industry is centuries old. However, it is evolving and will never become obsolete. The sector has witnessed several trends, some of which have lasted until the present day. Automation of CNC machining processes is an example of one such technology. The metal fab industry might not change as rapidly as others but it still continues to evolve with new technologies. These trends in the metal fabrication industry will affect the market both soon and over the next decade.


Along with other industries, automation is taking over. The process has greatly enhanced and simplified sheet metal bending, increased production and efficiency and produces fewer errors. Metal fabricators can also run their shops without human intervention, enabling them to save a significant human resource cost. CNC machines only need directions from a design file to perform various types of cuts. Aside from robotics, another trend is collaborative robots or cobots. Some work independently, but some work collaboratively with humans.


Another trend in the sheet metal fabricating industry is incorporating cybersecurity into the machines and networks utilized by these machines. It’s crucial to secure the data and processes of manufacturing systems to minimize the risk of business disruption. Like any other computer consoles, CNC machines can be hacked and threatened by malware and other viruses.

3D Printing

3D printing is already used in various industries to create prototypes. More manufacturers in the industry are willing to invest in 3D printing for their shops. It’s important to note that metal 3D printing is very different from the traditional steel fabrication process. Metals need to be stamped and bent to a required design instead of a 3D printer to come up with a metal prototype.

These are only some of the trends in the metal fabrication industry that you can expect to prevalent in the future. Nevertheless, technological innovations are constantly emerging. Other trends may be recognizable. This ensures that the sheet metal fabrication industry will be able to cater to the demands of a global market. We hope reading these trends in the sheet metal fabrication industry will help you pinpoint future changes.