What To Look Out for With a Diesel Engine in Every Season

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What To Look Out for With a Diesel Engine in Every Season

Diesel engines are great in many ways. They’re fuel efficient, they provide tremendous power for working and recreational vehicles, they’re easy to care for, and they last longer than gasoline-powered engines when you take care of them. That last part is important. With regularly scheduled maintenance sessions and basic oversight, a diesel engine will see you through years of use. Consider these things to look out for with a diesel engine in every season and be ready for what the weather changes can throw at you!


Things are heating up! The summer sun can put a strain on your engine as you tool around in high temps. Therefore, checking your radiator and coolant levels is important. Top off the coolant if it’s low, and ensure the radiator isn’t leaking or otherwise damaged. It’s a short trip between a smoothly running engine and a complete breakdown requiring a visit to the mechanic if either fails. Considering flushing the radiator as well. With high temps, diesel fuel is more prone to break down and gum up the works with sediment and sludge.


Autumn makes for pleasant driving through multi-colored tree-lined streets, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your engine. Beyond the usual periodic oil changes and other basic maintenance, this might be a good time to check under the hood and see how dirty the engine is after a summer of sizzling temps. Pick and vacuum out any leaves, twigs, and other debris that accumulates around the hood and inside the engine bay. Degreasers are available. You can spray most of them on, leave them to sit, and remove them with a brush and gentle spray from a hose. Consider whether your engine requires a checkup to look for leaks if it is excessively greasy.


Winter brings cold, snow, ice, and more and is one of the more punishing times of the year. In short, winter is tough on diesel engines. Use lighter-weight oils in the engine and ensure your oil and air filters are new. Fill the oil tank up with Grade 1 diesel, which is a lighter winter fuel that contains less paraffin wax that can build up and block the fuel system, lines, and filter.


Think of spring as a time of renewal when considering what to look out for with a diesel engine in every season. After the brutally low temperatures, snow, and other chilly elements of winter, your vehicle is ready for a little extra TLC. Winter can put the engine through the paces, so it’s time for regular maintenance and check-ups to ensure everything is working the way it should. Check the oil and other fluids, especially the coolant level. If it’s time for a change or topping off, do it. It’ll be more surprising if the fluids aren’t dirtier or the levels lower after a harsh winter. The battery, belt, hoses, and tires also need a checkup. Making sure they’re working properly helps take most of the strain off the engine.

That’s what to look out for with a diesel engine in every season. Speak with your mechanic about other ways to improve your vehicle’s performance!