5 Items You Should Repair Instead of Replacing

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5 Items You Should Repair Instead of Replacing

Not everyone can take something broken and make it work again. It requires a deft hand and dedication to repair an item that most people would replace. However, the financial benefits of taking these problems into your own hands can far outweigh the amount of work you put in to fix them. We’re going to go over a few items you should repair instead of replacing so you can save some money while also holding onto the things you use the most.


Some of the easiest items to repair instead of replacing are your clothes. If you get a hole in your favorite pair of jeans, that shouldn’t cost you the price of an entirely new pair. Patch jobs are much simpler, and they work just as well without forcing you to spend money. You’re only limited by your skill with a needle. For things you can’t repair yourself, hiring a tailor can still be cheaper than buying new clothing.

Watches and Jewelry

These expensive items are ones that you hope to hold onto for a long time. Problems with jewelry chains or watch bands are fixable; you don’t even need to see a jewelry expert. For more complicated internal problems with a watch or setting problems with jewelry, you’re still better off paying to get them repaired rather than buying expensive new pieces.


Whether your TV screen has gone dark, or you have more dead pixels than alive ones, TV repair is actually easier than you might expect. Problems inside of a TV are rarely so big that you can’t repair them. Considering how expensive TVs are nowadays, it makes financial sense to try and fix yours. There are plenty of simple-to-follow guides that will walk you through the process and get your TV back in working order.

Smartphone Screens

Nothing is worse than picking up your phone after dropping it, only to see a huge crack in the screen. Smartphones have become integral to a lot of people’s lives and having one with a broken screen just won’t cut it. As long as your phone still works, replacing the screen with a new one on your own is painless work. This will help keep you from having to buy an entirely new phone.

Large Appliances

Although it’s a little bit more difficult than your average DIY job, you can repair some large appliances in your home to really avoid a hefty cost. Dishwashers, washing machines, dryers—these are all big expenses to get new versions of. If you’re a repair newbie, call in an expert to have a look at the appliance in question. If the fix costs you less than half of what it would cost to get a new appliance, you’ve got a good deal on your hands.