5 Things in Your Garage That Are Worth Money

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5 Things in Your Garage That Are Worth Money

Did you know that your garage could harbor hidden gems worth a small fortune? The next time you do some spring cleaning, keep an eye out for these five valuable things in your garage that are worth money.

Your Old Car

Do you have an old, unused car in your garage? No matter how old or beat-up it is, you could make good money off it. Many junk yards will buy cars for the scrap metal alone. If you’re not using the clunker anymore, why not sell it? Getting cash for a junk car is easy and only requires a few steps.

Your Kids’ Old Toys

Some vintage toys are extremely valuable to collectors. Old Beanie Babies, Polly Pockets, Pokémon cards, Furbies, Barbies, and My Little Ponies are just a few playthings that could make you big bucks!


Another thing in your garage that’s worth money is your newspaper pile. While these pieces of paper may not appear valuable, some headlines can be worth a lot of money. Look for special edition papers or papers that detail important historical events or celebrity news. Many people like to keep and frame these, and avid collectors will pay hundreds!

Hand Tools

Most homeowners manage to collect an impressive supply of hand tools. But do you really need a dozen screwdrivers and three saws? The good news is that you can resell tools that are in good condition for a reasonable price. Popular brands like DeWalt and Bosch are especially sought-after.

Building Materials

Do you have a bunch of wood, tiles, doors, and other building materials left over from former renovations? Other homeowners could use these materials in their own renos. While you won’t make a fortune selling these materials, you can make a decent chunk of change and help people build their dream homes while you’re at it.

Even the most inconspicuous items in your garage could be worth money, so don’t be afraid to dig deep and see what you can find.