6 Ways to Save On The Cost of Moving

Everyone wants to save money wherever they can, especially during the expensive process of moving.  Reaching out with some top tips from Ross Sapir, Founder and President of Roadway Moving, one of NYC’s top rated moving companies, on how to save on the cost of moving.

Move during offseason:

  • Save money by scheduling your move between September and May, when rates tend to be lowest. Usually weekend moves have a higher price tag as well.
  • Companies like Roadway Moving will make sure that there are enough workers and trucks to ensure they can help as many clients as possible during busy and offseason.

Get multiple estimates:

  • Each moving company will most likely offer different prices for their services so it’s important to get at least three bids from different companies and compare each ones price.
  • Take the companies reputations into consideration too, as well as their availability and responsiveness to your needs. Trust companies that have excellent ratings on Yelp and Angie’s List.

Weed out the junk:

  • Moving companies base their fees on factors such as cargo weight and the number of vehicles provided, making an upcoming move the perfect time to get rid of unused items ultimately lightening the cost of the move.
  • You can even make a few extra dollars by selling some of these items.

Find free boxes:

  • Save money by holding on to any large boxes from everyday purchases as well as stopping by local businesses, like liquor stores, drugstores, grocery stores and offices asking them for their extra boxes.

Take a DIY approach to packing:

  • Pack up your own boxes so the movers don’t have to. By wrapping belongings in thick towels, blankets, sheets, comforters and old newspapers can eliminate the need to purchase bubble wrap and plastic foam packing peanuts.

Let someone else drive:

  • For anyone looking to save money, but doesn’t feel comfortable driving the moving truck themselves, look for a moving company that will provide transportation only.