Art of the Trade: Top 5 Metal Working Careers

metal working as the art of the trade,

In the United States, the median salary of a metal worker is about $44,190 per year and can go up based on experience and specialization.

If you’re looking for a trade career and working with metal has caught your eye, we can help you. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best careers working with metal.

Read on to learn about this art of the trade careers in metal.

1. Welder, Solderer, Brazer, Cutter

Some of the best careers in metal include brazers, solderers, cutters, and welders. These job positions involve joining, cutting, and repairing metal. Because all of these professions have a wide variety of skills when working with metal, there are job opportunities in different fields.

Welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers can work in the automotive, construction, manufacturing, and engineering industry.

If you want a career in this trade, you can take a few different paths. Once you obtain a high school diploma, you can start training on the job and work your way up.

Another way to have a successful career in this trade is by attending vocational school to obtain a certificate as either a welder, cutter, solderer, and brazer.

2. Metal Machine Worker

As a metal machine worker, you will be responsible for operating and working with machines that cut and form metal and even plastic. When you’re in this role, you will also have to read blueprints that will give you the design details, such as dimensions.

You will have to cut and form the metal based on the specifications of the design.

However, keep in mind that because many manufacturers are automating this process, the demand for metal machine workers will decline.

To work as a metal machine worker, you will need a high school diploma or GED, plus on-site job training.

3. Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal workers work with thin sheets of metal to install and build several products across different industries.

To work on custom sheet metal fabrication, you must master operating machinery, hand tools, assemble, and repair when necessary.

4. Boilermaker

If you want to become a boilermaker, you will be responsible for assembling and repairing boilers and similar containers.

Because boilers are made of metal, boilermakers need to learn to assemble, join together, and repair metal parts. Therefore, another skill of the trader includes learning how to operate certain types of machinery and extensive welding knowledge.

Most boilermakers either join a certificate program or work as apprentices for four to five years.

5. Fabricator/Assembler

Metal assemblers and fabricators can work in many different manufacturing industries. Their main responsibility is to read the blueprints and assemble metal products.

To obtain a job as a fabricator, you will need a high school diploma, attend a vocational school, or get on-the-job training.

Art of the Trade: These Are Some of the Top 5 Metal Working Careers

Now that you know about this art of the trade careers for metal workers, you can decide if they’re right for you.

If you enjoy working with metal, some of the best careers include sheet metal worker, assembler, boilermaker, metal machine worker, and welder.

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