Best Post-Military Careers for Pilots

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Best Post-Military Careers for Pilots

Life after the military is not easy for anyone. It can be hard getting back into a completely different culture, and it can often feel like the skills you gained in the military are not translating to civilian life. However, if you were a pilot in the military, there are many career paths that are open to you. Here are some of the best post-military careers for pilots.

Airline pilot

The normal requirements for becoming an airline pilot are extremely difficult to meet. The typical requirements ask for thousands of hours in flight time. This is very difficult to achieve for many people, as they just don’t have the time or money to get these in-flight hours. This is why being a military pilot is so useful for becoming an airline pilot. The hours you collect in the military count toward the hours required to become an airline pilot. To get more hours or sharpen your skills, try taking a flight class. Airline pilots have steady jobs that keep odd hours, allowing for frequent travel and good pay.

Flight instructor

A flight instructor is a great job for anyone looking to work in a single place. Your job would be to teach your students how to fly. This job uses all your flight knowledge and can be a great way to interact with people who also like flying. It requires clear communication skills that are easy to learn in the military. If you need more hours to pursue a different career path, you can also rack up your hours by being a flight instructor.

Aerial firefighter

This is a selfless job that involves flying over fires with special planes that drop water or chemicals to control the spread of fires. This job is great for anyone who wants to save lives with their piloting skills. Being a military pilot also gives you the necessary qualifications and licenses for this job, and your skills would translate very well.

These are just some of the best post-military careers for pilots that you can get with your skills from the military. There are some other jobs a military pilot can take, such as a commercial pilot. Just know that your options aren’t limited, and you can find something to fit your skills.