How To Get a Cape Cod Vibe at Your Home

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How To Get a Cape Cod Vibe at Your Home

At a certain point, you want to feel like you’re living the good life—even if you haven’t actually retired yet. Picture it: a charming beach house, a relaxing atmosphere, and a breeze from the Atlantic wafting through your windows. Even if you can’t vacation all year long, you can cultivate the same mindset through your surroundings. Here’s how to get a Cape Cod vibe at your home—once you’re done, all you’ll need is the cranberry margarita mix.

Master the Aesthetic

Cape Cod is one of the most famous vacation spots in the world, but to get the theme right, you must combine several styles. Start with Coastal pieces and add some Shabby Chic touches, but go easy on the Nautical motif. Decorating a tasteful “beach” home doesn’t mean littering shells and seahorses everywhere. Instead, use this inspiration to create your own happy place where you can experience the serene lifestyle of a Codder.

Enjoying the Blues

For your color palette, think “airy.” The base of a Coastal aesthetic is white-washed everything, from the shiplap walls to the slip-covered furniture. Add accents in ocean colors that can have a calming effect on your mood. Blue-and-white striped throw pillows will immediately call the waterfront to mind. A vase or knickknack made of green sea glass will remind you of leisurely walks on the beach.

A Worn Welcome

Another hallmark of a Cape Cod décor is furniture with distressed finishes. While you should avoid sun damage with the appropriate SPF, your interiors can embrace an elegantly faded look. You can find a sun-bleached or driftwood coffee table, or even borrow something considered Rustic or Farmhouse.

From the Outside In

You can’t always count on the weather to cooperate with your new aesthetic. One of the most enjoyable ways to get a Cape Cod vibe at your home is to bring your outdoor furniture inside. As long as it’s comfortable, anything goes. Wicker and rattan chairs can transform a room with casual chic. Add a rocking chair with a woven seat. Or consider setting up a hammock in the living room to help you take a mental trip to the beach.