Important Things To Do Before You Turn 70

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Important Things To Do Before You Turn 70

No matter what your sassy sixties are like, once you hit 70, you may feel as though your age is catching up to you. Prepare yourself for the leap into your seventies to keep your stress levels low. By addressing these important things to do before you turn 70, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax as you ease into the fourth quarter of your life.

Finish off Your Loans

This far into your life, you may not have any more loans or outstanding balances to pay off—but it doesn’t hurt to double-check. If anything were to happen to you and you had unpaid loans, they could become the responsibility of your family members. Plus, paying off your loans helps keep some extra cash in your pocket.

Start Addressing End-of-Life Preparations

Nobody wants to start preparing for the end of their life or even think about it. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitability that you and your family can handle if you make preparations earlier rather than later. Just because you start planning your final wishes doesn’t mean you’ll pass away any time soon! Settling things now simply means that your family can manage things a bit better.

Start with the legal aspects of your life, like finding a trustworthy lawyer to handle your will and working together on it. Then, consider aspects like burial arrangements and funeral essentials—set aside some money for your eventual funeral to keep costs low for your family. If all that’s settled, you might even find time for designing your own headstone and picking out an epitaph.

Look Around for Assisted Living Facilities You Enjoy

It’s not easy to find a retirement home or assisted living community that you like—some are too hands-on, too expensive, or too dreary. It’s even harder to consider an assisted living facility when you or your family are in a rush to give you the care you need. Though you may not need the care immediately, you can start thinking about new living arrangements so that the transition is as easy as possible.

The sooner you tackle the important things to do before you turn 70, the happier your sunset years will be. You can focus on opening your schedule for fun events and social activities rather than spending all your energy on the boring stuff in the future. Anything can happen once you’re old—stay optimistic even when handling the more dreadful chores and help lift a stressful burden off your family members’ shoulders.