How To Prepare Your Pond for Summer

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How To Prepare Your Pond for Summer

The days are longer, and the nights are warmer, which means summer isn’t too far away. If you’re a pond owner or caretaker, you probably already have your pond up and running after the winter. The hotter days can spell different problems for ponds, however, and you’ll need to be ready to handle them if you want a healthy water feature that you can be proud of. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to prepare your pond for summer so that you can enjoy the benefits without too much extra hassle.

Watch Your Water Levels

Water levels can go down pretty quickly once the temperatures start to creep up. This can leave your pond starving for oxygen if you’re not careful. Ideally, you’ll want to top off your pond every week or so. Make sure to use a dechlorinator and water conditioner to properly care for your pond’s ecosystem if you use tap water to refill it.

Make Sure to Aerate

Proper aeration is key to a healthy pond. Oxygen levels need to stay high if you want the ecosystem to thrive. Make sure to keep your pond’s pump and filter running for as long as possible to maintain a good level of aeration. You also have alternatives to running your pump, such as air stones, that can take its place should the noise be a problematic factor.

Maintain Pump and Filter

Speaking of your pond pump and filter, they’re going to work overtime during the summer months, so keep maintenance up to date on them. Try to clear away any collected debris around your pump as often as you need to. If you need to replace your filter, don’t wait on it. Replace that filter as soon as possible to get your pond back in working order.

Add More Plants and Fish

Now that the chill of winter is behind you, you can start to introduce new organisms to your pond’s ecosystem. When it comes to adding fish, add in new ones slowly over time so that you don’t accidentally cause an ammonia spike in the water. Aquatic plants will also contribute to a healthier pond, and they’ll be able to enjoy the long daylight hours and warmer water in the summer.

Fight Off Algae Growth

Knowing how to prepare your pond for summer means knowing how to protect it against algae growth. Short-term solutions for algae include algaecide or algae remover, but these are only temporary solutions. A UV sterilizer in your pond is a more long-term solution to your algae problem, as it makes algae clump up, allowing you to remove it more easily.