How To Upgrade an Apartment Building Laundry Room

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How To Upgrade an Apartment Building Laundry Room

If you’re a landlord or building manager, you must provide maintenance and upgrades to the buildings in your apartment complex. This applies to your entrance, the apartment units themselves, and the apartment building’s laundry room. Many apartments have laundry rooms, but they’re not always as nice as they could be. So how do you upgrade an apartment building’s laundry room? We’ll review laundry room benefits and how to upgrade yours below.

Make It Social

Emphasizing the laundry room as a social, communal space is a great way to nurture tenant relationships. You can do a few more things to make it a nice place. Hang a bulletin board to post news, outline clear tenant rules, and promote events like charity drives and food truck arrivals. Also, ensure you have an area for people to sit and converse. Add a vending machine so that people waiting for their clothes to finish can have something to drink or snack on.

Provide the Best Amenities

Washing and drying aren’t the only steps people take to clean their clothes. Consider a few extra amenities that can help your tenants complete everything in one fell swoop. Ensure they have a dryer rack for items they want to air-dry or that can’t go in the dryer. Make sure you have folding tables for sorting clothes just in case they don’t have laundry baskets. Additionally, the room should have a utility sink for treating stains and handwashing garments. Don’t forget free Wi-Fi for residents to use while waiting for their clothes to finish. Neglecting tenant amenities in common areas is a mistake people often make when buying rental properties.

Improve the Lighting

Have you ever gone to a laundromat only to have glaring fluorescent lighting in your eyes the moment you flip the switch? The experience was probably unpleasant. Consider how your tenants feel when this happens to them. One big part of how to upgrade an apartment building laundry room is improving your lighting. Say no to fluorescents and choose soft LED bulbs instead.

Put in New Furniture

If you have broken-down, old, or outdated furniture, make sure you upgrade it as well. Remember that people will do a lot of waiting in the laundry room. Some may even wait for the entire cycle to finish. That makes upgrading that furniture critical!

Decorate It!

Laundry rooms are infamous for appearing drab and boring. Perhaps yours has concrete or linoleum walls. This can be an eyesore, so don’t just leave it like that. Make your laundry room an experience. Decorate it with plants and maybe some artwork on the walls. Prints, paintings, or photos can spruce up the space. It doesn’t matter what you bring in as long as it brightens the room and makes it more attractive.

A well-maintained laundry room may not attract new tenants, but it will make your current tenants happy. Make this investment in your rental property. Your tenants will thank you.