Ideas for How To Dress up Your Windows

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Ideas for How To Dress up Your Windows

There’s no décor more striking than the world outside. One of the reasons Lake Oconee is a beloved vacation destination is because of its beautiful views. If you have a window onto its natural wonders and resort appeal, it deserves a better frame than any of your other artworks. Try these ideas for how to dress up your windows so that you can enjoy lake living even when you’re at home.

Lighten up the Drapes

Unless you need blackout curtains, your drapes are probably much heavier than they should be. The natural light from windows is too valuable to hide behind dense fabric with busy patterns that detract from the view. Recent trends lift curtain rods a few inches above the window to support sheer panels that softly filter the sun instead of dimming it. The curtains should extend past the window to the ground, with extra fabric even pooling at the floor. The effect makes the window—and the room—look bigger.

Add Subtle Color

Interior designers have moved away from prints that coordinate with the room’s upholstery, instead emphasizing more natural-looking blues, pinks, and green. If you prefer more rustic décor like farmhouse, shabby chic, or French country, burlap in cream or beige will frame a window without overwhelming it. If you want something more interesting than a solid, you can try muted plaids and stripes that look less fussy.

Customize Blinds

If your home still has bent blinds that no longer respond to their tangled cords, you’ll be in awe of the elegant window treatments available today. Those tinny-sounding blinds have given way to elegant roller shades, woven wood coverings, and chic fabric. You can adjust them remotely, program them for your daily routine, or even control them from your phone. They’ll improve the value of your home and make it easier to let in the sunshine.

Tie Them Back

A quick way to dress up your windows without spending much is to get creative with tiebacks. You don’t need to make over your window treatments completely if you can at least pull them away from the glass. With some do-it-yourself spirit and a new way of looking at things, you can add style and have fun doing it. Decorators make an impact with all sorts of ideas: vintage knobs, sleek chains, elaborate hooks, glitzy belts, beaded necklaces, sparkling brooches, braided cords, and even bent forks. While your window showcases the scenery, it can showcase your ingenuity too.