Must-Know Tips for Extending Your Car’s Lifespan

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Must-Know Tips for Extending Your Car's Lifespan

Owning a car is a major responsibility, but it can pay off if you properly care for it. If you’re unsure how to take care of a car, this guide can provide you with some helpful pointers. Keep reading to learn four must-know tips for extending your car’s lifespan.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Within a car’s owner’s manual, you should find a regular maintenance schedule which will include procedures including, but not limited to, changing engine oil, swapping out various filters, and replacing any essential fluids. Ignoring this schedule can lead to your vehicle enduring avoidable technical issues. On the other hand, abiding by this schedule greatly minimizes the chances of encountering major technical problems on the road.

Since you always have the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual, you can schedule and prepare for these procedures well in advance. Furthermore, when warning lights pop up on your dashboard, don’t ignore them—find a solution as soon as possible.

Tend To Your Tires

Tires aren’t just pieces of rubber you slap onto a car, leaving them alone until they burst or break. Tires require maintenance tasks such as replenishing air pressure, rotating, and inspecting for general wear and tear. When it comes to air pressure, most cars have a warning light on the dashboard that will illuminate when one or more tires are at low air pressure levels.

However, you should still pick up your own air pressure gauge and tire inflator. That way, you can monitor precise air pressure measurements at will, which helps immensely when you have to refill the tire. Just like you don’t want to underinflate tires, you should avoid overinflating them too.

Rotating your tires is fairly easy; just be sure to schedule it every 6,000 to 7,5000 miles. In doing so, you can ensure even wear across your tires. You should also regularly inspect your tires and be on the lookout for the various types of tire tread wear so you can seek replacements when necessary.

Regularly Wash the Car

Aside from taking care of what’s inside the car, you have to care for the outside as well. The engine might be running smoothly, but neglecting to wash the car regularly can lead to the paint accruing damage over time. The best rule of thumb is to wash your car once or twice a month. However, if your driving habits or local climate cause your car to get dirty particularly quickly, schedule regular washes more frequently. By sticking to a consistent washing schedule, you can prevent contaminants such as rust and dirt from ruining the car.

Always Drive Carefully

The last stop on our list of must-know tips for extending your car’s lifespan is one of the most important: drive carefully. Poor driving habits can quickly diminish the lifespan of cars. Avoid destructive driving habits such as starting or stopping erratically, driving at excessive speeds, or hitting potholes on the road. This is an easy step that will have a major impact on the longevity of your vehicle.