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5 Strategies to Stay Sane, Be a Happy Single Mom and Raise a Positive Family


By Erika Oliver

I didn’t plan to be a mom. I planned to be a career woman that took a city by storm. Well how hard could that be? I have a couple of college degrees and even though I didn’t have parent role models to pattern after, I’m smart and can figure things out.

Yeah right. Where was the warning label? “Parenting is the most strenuous, scary and unappreciated job on the planet. Prepare to give your soul, sanity and wallet.” It’s true that parenting also offers unimaginable rewards and fun but it’s the moments of utter shock and being pressed to your limits that I wasn’t prepared to navigate.

If you didn’t expect to be a parent (especially a single parent), thought parenting would be easier, or are breaking negative family patterns here are my words of survival – and in many cases triumph – to keep yourself intact and raise a wonderful, loving, and gloriously positive family. Draw your happy line.  Going into unchartered family waters without a happiness plan is just plain asking for a trouble. You must know what makes you happy at each period in your life. The good news is happiness is usually from small things, events, and words. Make a list of your basic happiness needs. Then, make sure it happens (threatening is commendable in this case) and that no one crosses your happy line! Need an example? My children are now teenagers with big bodies and minds that have regressed to elementary age. I must have 2 yoga classes a week, quiet time in the morning, and low fat flavored yogurt in the refrigerator at all times. There is more but this is my basic happiness survival formula for this period in our family.

Boat Safe


Ensure your boat is ready for the water with this checklist

No matter how much experience you have on the water, prepping your boat – and your passengers – before leaving the dock can make for a more enjoyable experience.

To prepare for a safe and comfortable trip, review this pre-departure checklist to ensure your vessel is in good working order and well-stocked for the adventure:

Your Baby Boomer Report Card


(From the New York Times)—If there’s one thing young adults can agree on, it is that baby boomers have ruined the world. This seems a tad harsh. So maybe it’s time for a resentment-free assessment of the boomers, conducted by a trained pop sociologist with no ax to grind.

What follows is a report card of a generation. And we’re only counting real boomers here — those who had youthful, lived experience of events like Vietnam and Woodstock. Despite what the Census Bureau people say, those born after 1960, like Barack Obama, don’t count.

Finish reading this article at the New York Times.

5 Time-Saving Laundry Tips


Between sorting, washing, pouring, transferring, drying and folding, laundry can often feel like a daunting chore.

While you can’t skip laundry completely, you can stop those baskets from overflowing with these time-saving tips from the laundry experts at Whirlpool.

Sort clothes ahead of time. One way to make laundry more manageable is to sort as you go. Instead of tossing dirty clothes into a hamper, distribute items into separate bins. While the exact division depends on your wardrobe, you’ll want to separate dark and light colors, as well as clothing that needs special care.

Pretreat stains. Once a stained garment makes its way through the dryer, chances are the stain is set for life. Protect your clothes by pretreating stains as soon as possible to help keep even the toughest stains from setting in. If you’re unsure of how to treat a particular stain, such as spaghetti sauce or grass, Whirlpool offers a Stain Guide within its laundry appthat provides helpful, step-by-step instructions*.

Ways to Make the World a Better Place for Seniors


By 2050, the senior population (adults age 65 and older) will be more than double that of the world’s youngest citizens, and the number of people living beyond age 80 is expected to triple over the next 30 years.

As the aging population increases, some 11.3 million seniors are living alone, according to the Institute on Aging. In addition, women are twice as likely as older men to live by themselves.

Without proper support, seniors may face a wide range of issues including limited mobility, chronic conditions, improper nutrition and feelings of loneliness. For example, older adults can have problems chewing or may take medications which interfere with their appetites. However, research shows lack of companionship may be the biggest challenge.

Dave Tebo at OBC

Live music by Dave Tebo at Oconee Brewing Company!

Live music by Dave Tebo at Oconee Brewing Company!

Saturday, August 24th 

Oconee Brewing Company, 202 N West St Greensboro, GA 30642DESCRIPTION:

Get the Most Out of Your Benefits Enrollment


A lackadaisical approach to benefits enrollment could leave you short on coverage or end up costing you more than it should. Gathering information and making time to thoroughly consider your options and needs can help ensure you’re getting the best value from your employer’s benefits package.

Approach this year’s open enrollment with these tips from the experts at Colonial Life in mind:

Take life changes into account. A major event like a birth or marriage makes you eligible to adjust your benefits between enrollment periods, but there are many other factors that may affect your coverage needs. For example, you may not bother with dental coverage for a newborn, but once that child has some teeth and is mobile, it’s a good idea to add coverage in the event a fall damages a tooth.

17th Annual Rock N Roll Cruise In

17th Annual Rock N Roll Cruise In

Downtown Greensboro’s Classic Car Show!

Approximately 150 specialty cars will grace the streets of Greensboro from stock antiques to highly modified Hot Rods. There will be an abundance of 60’s-70’s muscle cars to include GTO’s, Corvette’s, Chevelle’s and Camaro’s, plus Ford Mustang’s and Chrysler products including Barracuda’s, Belvedere’s and Road Runners. Also on display will be several ’55 through ‘59 Chevrolets. There will be something for every car enthusiast to enjoy.

Dust off your dancing shoes and prepare to dance the night away in historic Downtown Greensboro, listening to the sounds of the Good Vibrations Band. The band delights listeners and dancers by performing an extensive collection of Motown hits, golden oldies, Carolina Beach music, timeless Rhythm & Blues favorites and much more.

Downtown Greensboro, 111 North Main Street Greensboro, GA 30642

9 Steps to Take after Being Diagnosed with a Serious Condition

Doctor With Patient in Hospital Bed

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 1.59.39 PMBy Melissa E. Clarke MD

When patients first receive the upsetting news that they have a serious condition such as cancer, they typically feel distressed. After the initial anger, fear, and sadness, these patients often tell me they feel overwhelmed and lost. They don’t know what steps to take next.

It’s important for patients to feel empowered when it comes to their healthcare. According to a recent study published in the journal Health Affairs, patients who are more engaged in their healthcare have better outcomes than those who are passive (read the study findings here). Making informed decisions will help you meet the challenge of your illness, get good-quality care, and minimize aggravation caused by the tricks and traps inherent in our current healthcare maze.

Here are 9 strategies to follow.

A Romantic Rendezvous


Celebrate love with a Caribbean cruise

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or simply looking for a getaway with your significant other, a seemingly always popular option is a romantic cruise.

Next year, there is an opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of an ocean-going vacation while joining a potentially record-setting crowd to reaffirm your love with your partner. In February 2020, international premium cruise line Princess Cruises hopes to set a world record, hosting the largest renewal of vows ceremony at sea over Valentine’s Day.

Gavin MacLeod, who portrayed the endearing “Captain Stubing” in “The Love Boat,” and Jill Whelan, his television daughter “Vicki,” will officiate and host the ceremony onboard Regal Princess. Setting sail Feb. 9, 2020, the cruise will begin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with ports including Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico; and Princess Cays, Bahamas.

“Come aboard with me as we’re searching for couples to renew their vows and set a world record for the largest vow renewal at sea,” MacLeod said. “I’m honored to be officiating this ceremony and can’t think of a better way to commemorate a couple’s love than by reaffirming their commitment to one another onboard the ‘Love Boat’ over Valentine’s Day.”

Contact your travel advisor and find more information at princess.com.

Photo caption: Gavin MacLeod and Jill Whelan

Princess Cruises

Retirement: That Moment in Time When You Can Work or Play as YOU Choose!


By John Graves

You have been a good saver since you began working as a paperboy (or babysitter!) at ten. You had to save – your mother made you put aside 10% of what you made into an envelope. Just like she made you give 10% at church, into the plate each Sunday morning. You bought your first car with your savings, the ’56 Chevy for $1,200, wasn’t it? You felt sad, but smart, when you sold it to go into the military – sold it for $1,850 and saved it all.

Once you got out, you started working as a tailor. They had you sewing uniforms in the Army, so you knew something about it. You became good at it, bought the shop with what you saved during your stint. A few years later you sold the shop to work in accounting. Don’t ask how that happened. Something to do with your wife’s uncle. You were surprised at how well you took to the new profession.

When the first baby was due, you both were ready to move, so you went to South Carolina and bought a home in 1969. Your next three sons were all born in that home, the home you still live in. The down payment was hard, but the monthly payments were a backbreaker: $178 a month and you only made $800.

Still you gave at church, you put a little aside for the future. Your folks had taught you frugality. You lived within your means. That meant no credit cards, no installment plans, no car payments, only the mortgage. Coupons were big in your household. You told your wife to keep track of expenses in the little ‘Dome’ budget book. She used it to track how much she saved from coupons and sales, too. Once a year both of you went out to eat at a nice restaurant on one quarter of the savings during the year. Nice reward.

Preventing Dog Bites: A Resource for Baby Boomers

Jack Russell Terrier Lying Upside Down on Grass

By Jason M. Lichtenstein, Esq.

Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year? Dog bites can be very serious and leave behind scars or other permanent injuries.

As a Baby Boomer, you may live in a neighborhood where many residents have dogs. Or maybe you have children or grandchildren, and you want to protect them from dog bites and dog attacks.

While you may not have had an encounter with an aggressive dog, even Boomers can become dog bite victims. Being educated about aggressive dogs and knowing how to react to them could save you a trip to the ER, allowing you and your family to enjoy your summer.

Follow these top 5 tips to prevent dog bites and protect your family:

Tips for Maintaining an Organized Home


This time of year, family life can get a little messy. School schedules and sports activities mix with work commitments, and before long the house is as cluttered as the calendar.

Fall is the perfect time of year to recommit to an organized household so you can keep the chaos contained. With these tips, you can make small changes to help you get organized and stay that way.

Embrace routines. The idea of dedicating large chunks of time to organizing and tidying the house can be overwhelming. However, making time to clean as you progress through the day can help control clutter and keep the time commitment more manageable. Commit to cleaning up the kitchen after dinner each night. Set expectations for kids to pick up their rooms before bed. Before long, routines become productive habits that make a visible difference.

Rocking Retirement

Senior couple reading newspaper in garden

By  Debra E. Novotny

Generations ago, retirement was thought of as a time to take it easy — a time of rocking on porch chairs and reminiscing about the good old days. Nevertheless, that is not the case with the current generation of retirees. In fact, many older people today continue to rock on. Just look at some of the superstars touring and performing concerts this year who are old enough to collect Social Security retirement payments. They’re still rocking, but not in chairs.

Bob Dylan is on tour, as he usually is during summer months. Dylan is 71 years old. However, with a recent album and new tour dates, you’d never know he was of retirement age.

Neil Young is touring with Crazy Horse to support their new album. The “godfather of grunge” is 67 years young. He has become the “Old Man” he sang about in his Harvest days.

A Boomer’s Guide to Online Dating


Nearly half of all single baby boomers are dating, and many of them are swelling the profiles of online matchmaking websites with names like SilverSingles, SeniorPassions and dating.aarp.org.

Match.com, one of the largest dating sites for people of all ages, says its baby boomer clientele has grown 90 percent in five years, with a quarter of its 15 million users ages 50 to 65.

“Older people love a good romance as much as 20-somethings, and many of us still get just as love-drunk as we did when we wore size 32 Levis with no Expanda-Waist,” says Charles W. Massie, a baby boomer who wrote about his online dating experience in a new novel, “Stains on the Gavel” (www.starshowpublications.com).

“But you’ve really got to be careful, whether you’re a woman or a man. A lot of women my age complain the men they meet haven’t changed at all in 50 years – they want to skip the coffee and head straight for the bedroom. My experience was even worse!”