The Most Common Winter Home Disasters

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

Winter is a season with both good and bad aspects. On one hand, you can enjoy holiday festivities and family gatherings. Children and grandchildren you may not see often can all gather together for wonderful dinners. But the effects of the winter climate can also become a nuisance, particularly when you’re dealing with the state of your home. Here are the most common winter home disasters to be aware of so that you don’t become bogged down with maintenance issues this year.

Damaged Roof

Your roof can develop damage and leaks when precipitation freezes on it. A major contributor to this is ice dams, which can form if your roof warms the snow and ice enough to melt it. Then, the water runs down to the less warm fringes of your roof and refreezes. This effectively creates a barrier through which excess water on your roof can’t pass. Eventually, the water will begin to trickle into your home. To avoid this, keep your gutters cleaned out so that water can move through them away from your roof.You should also insulate your attic so that heat doesn’t escape through the roof.

Weakened Basement

When the water in the soil around your home freezes in the winter, it expands and puts extra pressure on your basement and foundation. This can lead to the formation of cracks, which in turn allow water to come in. You may not think much of it, but these leaks can make your basement unusable if it begins to flood, and even moisture in smaller amounts can promote harmful bacteria and mold growth. You should thus take steps to keep your basement dry by waterproofing it before the rain and snow begin to fall too heavily. Taking the time check that your basement is in proper condition will prevent major problems later.