Things Beginner Golfers Should Know

Golf is a sport that people of any age can pick up and enjoy as a hobby. However, if you are considering getting into golf, you may not be sure where to start. Remember these things beginner golfers should know as you traverse through the initial stages of learning the sport.

Lessons Are Important

Technical skill is a large part of golf. If you establish improper form on your swings from the outset, this can throw off your game and make it difficult to fix your weaknesses in the long run. For this reason, finding a good teacher to give you lessons is important. Build a strong foundation with the help of a golf instructor who will get your grip and stance into good shape. They can locate and help you to correct areas that you aren’t approaching correctly in the beginning so that you can acquire more control and accuracy on your drives and putts. From there, you will have more freedom to learn new skills through observation of expert golfers in real life and in videos.

What Gear to Get

Golf involves many types of equipment to play. Some of these tools are absolutely necessary, some are advantageous to have, and some are not needed. Different people may have differing opinions on what gear you should get as a beginner, but you will surely require clubs for different ranges of play and golf balls. As a novice, you may want to rent clubs from a driving range or course, or borrow some from a friend, so you can later decide whether you want to commit to the sport. You should also find the right attire to keep you comfortable and ready to get out on the course. Generally, this includes polo shirts, long pants, and golf shoes with spikes on the bottom. A cap may also come in handy for shading your eyes.

Proper Golf Etiquette

You can look up the rules of golf easily, but figuring out etiquette can sometimes be a trickier affair. An accomplished instructor will communicate these to you as you learn. There are also articles on the subject of proper golf course etiquette to be found online. Joining a friend for a casual game or signing up for a beginner’s golf league are two more ways you can absorb etiquette. Don’t become too intimidated by this aspect, though; just remember to be kind, patient, and respectful of others.