Three Ways To Update Your Deck This Summer

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Three Ways To Update Your Deck This Summer

Sweet summertime: the time of the year when people can finally enjoy barbecues, outdoor games, and backyard relaxation. For many families, there’s one underlying reason why they can enjoy these activities to the fullest: a well-cared-for deck. Consider these ways to update your deck for the summer and enjoy a clean, aesthetic space on which to spend your summer.


Your desk goes through a lot within a year’s time. This is especially true if you live in a location with varying weather conditions. In addition to the weather conditions, dirt, mud, and debris can wear on your deck over time. If your deck’s material is still in good health, consider giving it a good pressure-wash, taking care not to damage it. If you do it correctly, pressure-washing will remove any buildup to leave your deck more aesthetically pleasing and to provide longevity.

Sand and Restain

If your deck has seen better days and a pressure-wash isn’t doing the trick, it’s time to sand and restain. Sanding can be a lengthy process, but it’s well worth the work. If you skip this step, the new paint or stain will neither look as smooth nor last as long.

This is also a good time to reevaluate the color of the stain. If you have a light-colored home, consider a darker stain to provide a beautiful contrast in color.

Add Lighting and Plants

Make your deck a peaceful place to retreat to during the summer by creating an ambience you look forward to relaxing in. Adding boxwoods provides a modern, sleek touch that requires little maintenance. Stringed light bulbs will add a homey touch that will make you want to sit back, relax, and read a nice book or visit with loved ones. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Updating your desk is an easy way to improve your home’s appeal while providing a retreat during the warmer months. By putting in a little elbow grease into some deck updates this summer, you’ll have a newly cleaned, stained, and decorated space to enjoy.