Tips for Maintaining a Green Construction Site

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Tips for Maintaining a Green Construction Site

The desire for sustainable residential and commercial structures steadily rises when people develop concern for the state of the environment. To create eco-friendly buildings, there must first be eco-friendly construction sites. To develop highly desirable, environmentally conscious buildings, consider implementing these tips for maintaining a green construction site.

Assemble a LEED Accredited Team

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is the most widely used rating system in the world for green buildings. In order to obtain a LEED accreditation, you must complete a project that earned a certain amount of LEED points by meeting a variety of set criteria pertaining to the efficiency, health, and sustainability of a building in terms of construction and design.

Having a LEED-accredited team will ensure they’re focused on keeping sustainability as a top priority throughout the project. In addition to improving the eco-friendliness of the building being constructed, a LEED-accredited team can help increase the property’s value and make the building eligible for a host of financial incentives.

Properly Dispose of Construction Materials

Construction sites generate a considerable amount of waste. To mitigate the negative environmental impact of such waste, properly dispose of excess construction materials.

Rather than simply dumping the waste in a trash bin to be taken to a landfill, consider conducting a waste audit to determine which materials can be reused or recycled. Partnering with waste removal services that have sustainability as a top priority is also a great way to help reduce environmentally destructive waste disposal practices on your construction site.

Utilize Sustainable Materials

One of the most obvious and effective tips for maintaining a green construction site is to utilize sustainable materials in your construction project. Using materials that are rapidly renewable, recycled, or recyclable will help mitigate the negative impact construction materials often have on the environment.

Using prefabricated or pre-assembled construction materials in a project can also help make your construction site more eco-friendly. By opting for prefabricated materials, you can reduce the large amount of waste construction sites often create as a result of ordering surplus material. Because the piece is delivered whole, there’s no risk that you won’t have enough materials and, thus, you won’t have to order more supplies that you need. Delivering one large material is often more eco-friendly than having to transport numerous smaller materials over the course of several trips.