Tips for Maintaining Your Diesel Engine This Summer

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Tips for Maintaining Your Diesel Engine This Summer

Summer is upon us, and the heat it brings is rough on diesel engines. To avoid putting your engine through any additional or unnecessary damage over the next few months, here are some of our favorite tips for maintaining your diesel engine this summer and how you can keep your machine running in tiptop shape.

Watch the Coolant

When dealing with the adverse effects of the summer heat, it’s natural to want to watch your engine’s coolant levels. The warmth of your machine rises when you don’t have enough coolant, and with diesel engines already generating more heat than gasoline machines, it’s imperative to keep your coolant at an appropriate level.

Keep an Eye on Your Air Filters

This summer, an important tip for maintaining your diesel engine is watching the air filters. Clogged filters force your engine to work harder and generate even more heat, which we already know isn’t good when the outside temperatures rise. Periodically checking your air filters and swapping them out can save you a lot of extra work in the long run.

Perform an In-Frame Overhaul

In-frame overhaul refers to performing some light maintenance work on your diesel engine without removing it from the vehicle. There are specific pros and cons to consider when using an in-frame kit instead of an out-of-frame kit, but an in-frame kit should meet all of your needs for general summer maintenance.

Check Your Tires

While not directly connected to the engine, hot asphalt causes your tires to wear down faster due to trapped heat inside the rubber. Making sure your tires are in good shape and safe to drive keeps you and your machine driving in safe conditions throughout the hotter months.

Those are just a few tips for maintaining a safe and healthy ride for yourself and your diesel engine. Performing regular maintenance and ensuring the heat doesn’t become too overwhelming are essential steps when getting your diesel engine out on the road.