Tips for Throwing a Successful Block Party

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Tips for Throwing a Successful Block Party

Are you looking for a new and fun way to bring your community together? How about a good old fashion block party? They’re common for a reason. Everyone loves them! And you have the luxury of catering them to your community’s likes and tastes. Here are some tips for throwing a successful block party.

Start Planning Early

There is a reason why people talk about the best block parties months after they happen. The host starts planning months in advance for the perfect event. You need to choose a date early so that you can start organizing everything else around that timeline.

It’s a good idea to give yourself a few months to plan so that you get the word out to the community as soon as possible. You’ll want to draw a decent crowd and early notice is the best strategy. Try to avoid setting a date near or on a holiday. People might have other plans in place.

Make It a Group Effort

A block party brings the community together. Including them in the planning is a sure way to make them feel involved. Recruit members in the neighborhood that want to help. Let them know the idea you have and see if they have any input.

Taking the job on by yourself will only bring stress. Delegate jobs to anyone willing to help. Don’t exclude anyone. If the youth want to get involved, let them. They might know the best ways to advertise the event on social media.

Get the Permits

Permits may take a while to obtain, which is why you need to start the planning process early. Once you decided on a date, go to the authorizing governmental office. You’ll need permits for the street, food, and alcohol if you plan to serve it.

You’ll also need to look into renting portable restrooms. There may be permits for that too. If you plan to have music, that also might require permission.

Chef It Up

You can’t have a block party without food. People will want to eat. Make sure you have multiple options for everyone to enjoy. Keep it all local. Give the community a chance to discover some new good eats.

Find a new spot that people so that you can give people a nice surprise. But also include a few fan favorites. Make sure you do a taste testing of all vendors and see which items they plan to include the day of.

Pick the Entertainment

Entertainment is a must! It’s called a party for a reason. You need to have some type of music, whether you plan to hire a DJ or a live band. Ask around the neighborhood and see what musical options they might prefer.

Host auditions to narrow down your list of entertainers. Make sure your musicians know when to come to the party. It’s a party but you still need to remain organized.

Prepare yourself to become the new top dog. After you throw this successful block party, everyone will love you.