Top 4 Signs You Need To Visit an Auto Repair Shop

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Top 4 Signs You Need To Visit an Auto Repair Shop

Not every car problem comes with a dashboard light to warn you. However, you must be able to spot symptoms of car trouble before they turn into insurmountable problems that deal irreparable damage. Here are the top four signs you need to visit an auto repair shop.

Unusual Odors

Cars can produce quite a few odors when things go wrong. Any lingering smell is a sign that something is amiss, but there are a few specific smells to look out for. If you notice a sweet smell almost like maple syrup, your car might have an issue with the cooling system. The smell of dirty laundry indicates mold growth in your ventilation system. Regardless of the scent, if it persists, bring your car to the shop.

Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks are never a good sign since no liquid should ever drip from your vehicle. When you pull out of your parking spot, keep an eye out for puddles left behind. While it’s possible that some rainwater was trapped underneath your car, it’s more likely that there’s an issue of leaking coolant, oil, or transmission fluid.

Extra Exhaust

If you see more exhaust smoke than normal in your rearview mirror, that’s telling you about a serious issue. Excess exhaust usually indicates engine damage, so bring your car to a mechanic as soon as you can.

Reduced MPG

There are a few symptoms of leaking exhaust, and poor fuel efficiency is one of them. If you notice unusual vibrations in your gas pedal or you catch yourself getting gas more regularly, bring your car in and have a professional take a look. Leaking exhaust is no joke—carbon monoxide can enter the cabin and cause fatigue and dizziness while driving.

Now that you know the top four signs you need to visit an auto shop, keep an eye out for symptoms and address them before there’s a chance for permanent damage.