Expert’s Tips for Elderly Declining Mobility

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

According to the United States Census Bureau, mobility is the most common disability for older Americans. Leading senior expert, Susan Hackett of Williams Lift Co., has helped hundreds of families and caregivers find solutions that provide comfort and independence to seniors and disabled residents.

When working with a new family, she has five go-to tips to navigate any mobility concern. Susan is available for interview and can provide additional tips.

1.       Speak up.

When mobility begins to decline, it is critical to let someone know. Mobility issues can lead to falls which can be extremely dangerous for seniors. Someone needs to be aware that this is going on, so they make sure to check up on you.

2.       Talk to your doctor.

Some mobility issues arise from a medical condition that you may not be aware of. Could any of the medications you are taking be affecting your balance? 

3.       Home walkthrough.

Simple daily functions like showering could become a challenge when your mobility starts to decline. Getting in and out of the shower or bathtub can be potentially dangerous for someone who is having mobility issues. Placing grab bars in the bathroom can be extremely helpful and lower the risk of falls.

4.       Mobility aids.

There is no shame in getting assistance. Many medical supply stores and pharmacies sell walkers and canes. Its best to try them in person (vs. just ordering online) since they come in different shapes and sizes. A cane or walker are designed to provide stability. They are also easily transportable and small enough to fit inside any car. If you have difficulty getting out of chairs, meaning standing from a sitting position, there are also reclining lift chairs available. These chairs are electric and help you stand up by doing the lifting for you.

5.       Stair Support.

If you’re no longer able to walk up and down your flight of stairs, or it’s becoming a challenge, an easy fix is investing in a stairlift or ramp. Stairlifts can take away the fear of going up and down stairs inside your home and the ramps will help you get in and out of your home easily. Also, there are companies that have rental options so that you can try them out first to see if they are helpful.