How Portable Oxygen Concentrators Make Activities Easier

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How Portable Oxygen Concentrators Make Activities Easier

The healthcare industry identifies “activities of daily living” as essential tasks that people can perform to maintain their well-being. These “ADLs” range from basic activities like walking around your space and eating unassisted to finer skills like finance and medication management. Here’s how portable oxygen concentrators make these activities easier.

Reduced Shortness of Breath

When you have COPD, everyday activities don’t feel as mundane as they used to. Breathlessness can make “simple” tasks into a major ordeal. Oxygen is essential to any action, even those you don’t usually think of as incredibly taxing. Portable oxygen concentrators help reduce breathlessness so you can perform routine tasks as quickly as you always have.

More Stamina

COPD patients know how quickly their stamina runs out. After just a minute of activity, you’re reaching for your oxygen tank. A portable oxygen concentrator is with you at all times, and it provides you with a constant supply of air. This translates to significantly more stamina, which means you can cook dinner, walk to the car, or climb the stairs easily.

Less Anxiety

Peace of mind is more crucial than many people think. Without a portable oxygen concentrator, many COPD patients are left wondering if they’ll be able to make it through certain tasks at all. A portable device reduces the constant worry and allows you to enjoy day-to-day life.

Increased Mobility

If you’ve used regular oxygen concentrators in the past, you know how tied down they can make you feel. Lugging around a 50-pound oxygen tank is no easy task, especially when you’re struggling with breathlessness as it is. A portable oxygen concentrator is no larger than a handbag, and it opens up a world of movement possibilities.

As long as you stick to low-impact activities, you can even exercise on oxygen! There are a few essential factors to keep in mind to avoid overexerting yourself, but there’s no reason you can’t stay active with a portable oxygen concentrator.

Now that you know how portable oxygen concentrators make activities easier, talk to your doctor about a portable concentrator prescription!