Juicing and Its Benefits

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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By Jay Kordich

At the early age of 25, I felt my life was completely fulfilled after learning I was going to be a football star with the Green Bay Packers, back in 1947.  After finishing almost four years with the U.S. Navy during World War II, I was lucky enough to play football during most of those years, and was thrilled to find out I was now going to spend the rest of my adult life getting paid for what I loved to do.  Yet, as confident as I was, I was also secretly nursing an injury in my bladder.  Soon I would find out that nursing it was not going to be the solution.

Within just a few months, I was forced to confront this problem, as my USC doctor told me I was suffering from a tumor in my bladder.  It hurt, I was bleeding externally, and I was scared.  I immediately had to quit playing football and focus on my health.  It was devastating news, as now I believed my life at the age of 25 was over.

Luckily, my doctor knew about another remedy to possibly help me because I was dead set against being cut into.  He recommended I find my way to New York to see a German Doctor named Max Gerson.  Back then, taking the train from Los Angeles to New York was considered the best form of travel, so I packed my bag and headed to New York, alone and frightened.

As soon as I reached Dr. Gerson’s office, I found out he was also the Doctor to Albert Schweitzer’s wife who had healed from her own bout with cancer.  Within just a few weeks on his treatment, all of my negative symptoms from my bladder stopped, as I started to feel fantastic again….energetic, confident and healthy.  It was recommended I stay on his anti-cancer program for another 2 months, and then I moved back to Los Angeles to keep the juicing and lifestyle diet as my number one priority.

I stayed on this purified vegan cleansing and juicing diet for an additional 2 years, because I was feeling energetic, alive and quite grateful to have my life intact.  During these two years, I learned to understand football may have been my personal passion, but teaching people about juicing was by far more rewarding.  From 1948 until this day, 2011, I have been committed to continue to spread the word about the beautiful healing powers of juicing and how everyone should know that juicing can and really does change our lives for the better.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite juice combinations I have been personally using for the past 63 years: (all organic produce!)


10 Carrots

2 Red Delicious Apples

This is the tonic we used during my treatment with Dr. Gerson. It’s a fantastic asting tonic as well, and children absolutely LOVE it.


Potassium Powerhouse

10 Carrots

5 ribs Celery

1 large Handful Spinach (baby spinach 2 handfuls)

1 large Handful Parsley (curly or flat)

This tonic was given to me by Dr. Norman Walker back in the 1960’s as a daily tonic to drink for general health.  You can also add a beet to this tonic as beets are an excellent liver tonic and blends well with this combination.


My Three C’s Tonic

2 cups Green Cabbage

10 Carrots

8 Ribs Celery

This is a very powerful alkaline tonic. For anybody suffering from digestive disorders, even disorders such as gastritis…this tonic will stop it in its tracks!

My wish for everyone is that they trust in Mother Nature.  Juicing these beautiful, colorful and highly healing vegetables and fruits can and will change your lives for the better. I have been juicing for over 63 years, and know, without a doubt, juicing can help everyone if they are willing to take the time and effort to juice daily.  When you are consuming Mother Nature’s foods in liquid form, the juice penetrates deeply and quickly into our tissues, helping our blood to nourish every one of our cells in our body.  There is nothing like it!