OMG! My Parents Are Getting OLD! – The Greatest Resource To Help Navigate The Challenges Of Aging

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Fabulous new PhotoWith over 72 million ‘baby boomers’ currently in America, this means many families are, or will be, facing the administration of a parent’s care.

When the dust settled after two horrifically intense years of managing her mother’s care, caregivers, and finances, Faye Levow was determined to create a comprehensive resource so that no one would ever again be lost in the whirlwind of dealing with unprepared, aging parents. Her upcoming book, OMG! My Parents Are Getting OLD! (Launch Pad Publishing Inc.) is the successful result of that determination.

OMG! My Parents Are Getting OLD! is THE definitive resource for families forced to deal with the mountain of information and red tape that faces them. With over 44 million family caregivers caring for aging family members in our society today, it’s a given that there is a tremendous need for such a resource. The practical yet priceless information in this book will make the transition easier and less complicated for both seniors and younger family members.

An in-demand speaker, Levow emphasizes the importance of being prepared for the time when one’s faculties are no longer as sharp and one’s body requires more care and assistance. “The worst of everything that happens is because people are not prepared. They have been in denial and that hurts everyone,” she says.

Full of 20/20 hindsight for family members and parents, this book has the most comprehensive resource section (fully indexed) of any book in its category, with readable chapters containing expertise from over fifty professionals who work with seniors on a daily basis in everything from finance, probate, senior living, insurance, veterans benefits, dementia, medical care, locating caregivers, hospice, funerals, and much more. Levow shares dramatic, true stories of caregivers, theft, finances, and family gone awry from more than seventy family caregivers who have actually ‘been there and done it.’

President of Launch Pad Publishing, Faye has been writing and editing for over 30 years. She has been a features writer for magazines and newspapers and has edited magazines, newsletters and numerous books including a Washington Post best-seller. Whether it’s about coaching, editing, or publishing, Faye’s expertise and passion has helped authors turn their words into empires. She has contributed to many anthology-style books including Sprout the Life you Love and the upcoming Contagious Optimism series, and is co-author of Award-Winning Savory Delights: The Best Restaurants in Greater Fort Lauderdale and author of So You Want to Write a Book? The Best Writing and Publishing Tips.

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