On the Move: Adventurous Summer Outings for Active Seniors

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On the Move: Adventurous Summer Outings for Active Seniors

When the weather gets glorious, it’s time to start moving. Winter is fine for hibernating with Netflix and crafting with the grandkids, but Lake Oconee is all about enjoying our beautiful natural surroundings. Whether you have a courageous spirit or you just want to challenge yourself, think about trying one of these adventurous summer outings for active seniors.

Glamp Under the Stars

Roughing it tends to lose its charm the older we get. Unrolling a sleeping bag on dirt is just no competition for “glam camping” that emphasizes comfort. Invest in a large, elaborate tent and cot, or try a tent that anchors to your car or SUV. As you research your options, you might find yourself upgrading until you end up borrowing an RV or renting out a luxury cabin. Hey, that counts too.

Explore on an E-Bike

If you’re feeling that wanderlust but aren’t too confident in your biking abilities anymore, switch from your beach cruiser to an electric bicycle. The power is adjustable; it can give your pedaling a boost or take over completely with a motor that won’t harm the environment. You can try renting one first, or even buy one that folds up for easy storage.

Join a Fishing Club

If you’re ready to take your angling to the next level, show your commitment by finding some buddies with the same interests. There are countless bass organizations out there, but you can expand your horizons with a fly-fishing club, kayak fishing club, bowfishing club, or tournament fishing. If you prefer a laid-back approach, you can find groups for that, too.

Play Walking Football

Those glory days aren’t over. You can still play plenty of sports if they’re low impact, slower paced, or modified. You can plan an adventurous summer outing for active seniors by organizing a walking football game. Your knees will thank you for the main rule: no running. In fact, violations are punishable with a free kick. Whether you allow victory dances in the end zone is up to you.