Safe and Memorable: 5 Tips for Solo Winter Road Trips

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

Road trips are full of unforgettable memories—a solo road trip provides you those same memories with a chance for some incredible personal growth. When you tack on winter, you’ll get all of that with some breathtaking sights and rousing activities. If you’re not afraid of some snow, skip the beach this winter season and take a road trip to some snowy locales. We’ve got what you need to make sure your trip stays safe and fun—check out these tips for solo winter road trips. You’re on your way to a trip of a lifetime!

Service Your Car Beforehand

No matter solo or a big group, this tip extends to all sorts of road trips. Even if you’re only taking a short trip, you need to ensure your vehicle has been thoroughly checked before you head out. You won’t want to have to deal with any flats or overheated radiators on your drive. Get it taken care of before you go.

Know How to Drive in Winter Conditions

If you’re heading to locations with heavy snowfall or ice, then you need to make sure you know how to drive with these conditions. Follow important tips on icy driving conditions in particular, as black ice and packed snow could end up posing significant damage. The more comfortable you feel with stopping in the snow and driving in these conditions, the less stressful the drive will be.

Keep Your Car Stocked

Just as it’s important to service your car before you go, it’s also vital to make your car is stocked. This means an extra blanket, shovel, ice scraper, wiper fluid, some jumper cables, first aid kits, and more. You want to have these on hand in case anything happens. 

Research Your Route

Another good idea before you hit the road is to check out your route. This goes further than planning out what roads you’re going to take and asks you to look into typical road conditions for those areas. If you know you’ll be on the highway in a typically icy area, try to find a different route. The better prepared you are for what you’ll experience on the roads, the better!

Add Some Scenic Stops

When it comes to your actual trip, make sure you add in some scenic pit stops along the way. The beautiful sights aren’t just for your full stops, but for the route along the way. If you learn there’s a spot with a great mountain view, stop at it. If something stunning catches your eye, go explore. Don’t let your itinerary keep you from experiencing something beautiful—you’ll be glad you chased your passions!